Hear from Summer Shine about her business, Luna Juice Bar and what Lovely's investment & support meant to her!

Tell us about your re-entry to Luna?

In December of 2019 I decided to sell Luna to a dear customer in hopes of pursuing a career as a conference speaker, something I had already been doing but hoped to turn into a full time career. 3 months later the world shut down, not only crushing my dreams but also turning Luna into a “harder than expected” business to run. Over the last couple of years the owner & I kept in touch. His other business flourished while Luna began to sink. After some discussion in early February of this year we made the decision that I would re-enter Luna as the owner again! It’s been amazing! I’m so excited to be back at the helm of a ship I built. 

What excites you most about owning your own business - again!?

The thing that excites me the most is the sense of purpose. My coworkers are seriously amazing! Being around women who are working to thrive in this crazy world gives me so much hope! 

What sets Luna apart? 

Luna is set apart from other businesses because of our mission to help people! We love to hire women who are in recovery or seeking recovery! We support JSL & Sunshine Recovery House through job placement & financially. We also fill each bottle of juice with LOVE!!!

What did Lovely’s investment mean to you in the very beginning of Luna?

Oh man!!! It’s hard to quantify the amount of support we received from Lovely in the beginning & throughout our years! Not only did Lovely give us a $10,000 grant, they also guided us through hard business decisions, long talks on the phone during times of stress, marketing & budgeting advice & so much Love! We couldn’t have done it without their support!

What are your hopes now for Luna?

My hopes for Luna are simple! Long term, sustainable growth everywhere delicious, healthy food is needed! Which is everywhere, right?? I’d also love to franchise & I want to GIVE our first location to Jessica Dugan, who’s been helping us develop Luna for years! I have the big ideas, she makes them happen! 

How can our Lovely community get involved with Luna? 

The Lovely community can support by showing up! We vote with our dollars & we’ll need lots of love! Also sharing about Luna on social media, leaving a great review when you have great service with us & stopping by to encourage our staff is always the Loveliest way to support!!